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  1. Hi There

    Just got my StratoSnapper. Having problems setting it up:

    Firmware 1.1
    Software 0.26B
    Camera Sony HDR-PJ710
    Reveiver Spektrum AR6115e

    Seroport 1 for zoom control through aux1
    Servoport 2 for Video & Photo on/off through Gear

    Both Servoports 1 & 2 work fine individually. But if I plug both in servoport 1 will not work at all. Servoport 2 still works but with 0.5 second delay. StratoSanpper disconnet from USB port after about one minute.

    Any suggestion?


  2. Two snapper and both are working bad. where is my problem? 6 hours of trying, reading, watching video, programming but nothing works. sometimes it works automaticly and the nexn shots every 2 seconds a pic, all levels are at =0!!!!

  3. Mr. Nielsen,

    first it is stratosnapper, second, if the IR head shows directly to the cam it goes in continuous fire situation. only if I turn the ir-head to the side it stops. I changed every (!) attitude at the software.

  4. Hi Esben. I am very Happy
    Ok thank you I have just received my stratosnapper. It’s ok except that I the totality of my order . I received

    Thank You Im so sorry
    Best regards .
    Pascal Coupé.

  5. Hello I purchased Stratosnapper II with the cable to control my Panasonic GH2. I installed the software and programmed the servo… nothing happens on my GH2.
    Do you know if there are specific settings for cable control on GH2?

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