The TinySnapper just got a lot smaller

The TinySnappers purpose in life is to be able to trigger a camera on board a RC helicopter or plane. Second: It’s to be as tiny as possible – and we just did something about that. Still at a price of only 21€.

At a total length of 30mm it’s a very lightweight and affordable solution for remote controlling your camera. The operation is simple, when you feed it a servo signal at a little above neutral, it fires a trigger command to your favorite camera. It’s all done via infrared remote control, so you don’t need to wire up your camera.

Just as the first TinySnapper supports: Canon, Sony, Nikon and Pentax cameras for still photography.

The new TinySnapper also got an upgrade on signal filtering, and has a very robust design. The specifications on the new TinySnapper are:

  • Accepts all major servo RX/TX systems.
  • Works with either: Canon, Sony, Nikon and Pentax cameras.
  • Very bright IR LED with a wide beam angle >170 degrees.
  • Takes standard 5v servo power. Will safely accept 3v – 6v.
  • Standard servo plug (2.54 mm), so you can make you own modifications.
  • Environmentally sealed for optimal protection.
  • Includes servo cable and re-closeable Dual Lock fasteners.
  • 100% lead free and RoHS compliant.

And what happened to the flexible neck from the first TinySnapper you may ask? Well this design got so small that it didn’t make sense. The rationale for the flexible neck on the first, was that it could reach anywhere. Now it does that anyway, and the neck is just heavy and in the way.

The new TinySnapper will replace the the original from this day on. If you for some reason want the old one, please get in touch.

Buy it for 21€



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