The company - About


Little Smart Things is a Danish company located on the island of Bornholm, that was founded in 2013

In the young history of our company, we have produced many remote solutions for aerial photography and video. What started as airborne camera control, quickly became a bigger vision. A dream to make what we like to call; “Drones that makes sense”.

This dream has become the cornerstone in everything we do. We work based on four principles.

Aircraft must be extremely easy to fly and operate.
Top quality materials only. In order to secure durability even under toughest conditions.
Versatile design for multiple sensor options.
Option to obtain a wide variety of data at very competitive cost.

We aim to deliver the best areal solution for professional use. To ensure the highest standards, we have closely collaborated with leading players of the international consulting engineering industry, and have managed to satisfy and exceed all expectations.

Founder and CEO Esben Nielsen was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in Denmark.