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The drones we produce at Little Smart Things are working tools for professionals. 
We like to incorporate quality in everything we do. We not only create aircraft that accommodate the demands our customers have but do it in the best ways possible.

When it comes to service and support, we aim to be a helpful and reliable partner you can trust.

In our experience, getting the job done is basically what it is all about, when you are out in the field with you aircraft. If something breaks you need a quick solution.

Often minor repairs can be performed on the spot. We advise our customers to bring spareparts in the field, just in case.

If something breaks

For smaller parts please send us the broken piece and mark the package “Repair”. Within three working days after arrival, we will return you package. If the part is too damaged to repair, we will send you a new one.

In case of bigger damages, we would like you send the whole aircraft including the log file from the flight. With the log file we will be able to analyse exactly what happened (especially important in case of a crash) and which parts of the aircraft that need attention. Please follow this procedure as well in case of warranty.

Rules and regulations
When flying with UAV local and national regulations and laws may apply. Please check with your national civil aviation authority.

In Denmark the document rules for flying describes flying in- as well as outside urban areas.

If you are flying outside urban areas and built up areas in Denmark as defined in this document there are only a few regulations:

Unless you have special permission fra Danish Aviation Authorities you are not allowed to fly closer than 5 km from public airports and 8 km from military airports. Also you may not fly any closer than 150 meters from major public roads. Flying over urban areas and built up areas also needs permission. There is a restriction that you cannot fly higher than 100 meters above ground level so always get permission first.

There are a few other restrictions, we recommend you to read.

Happy flying