Smooth zoom on the new Sony’s

The StratoSnapper just got a lot better at remote controlling the new Sony’s, it now supports:

  • Smooth zoom
  • Video start/stop
  • Still photo trigger

This update has been a hard one, and besides the new software update (v0.26) a new firmware is needed. The new firmware (v 1.1) allows for smooth zoom, and a lot of future improvements. The update process can be a little hairy, but we had to do it.

We decided to open-source the firmware, and everybody tinkering with Arduinos, can now hack the StratoSnapper to their hearts delight. Everybody else will just have to follow five easy steps to upgrading the firmware.

In the StratoSnapper utility the “repeat after” option will now be very fast when set to zero. Use this for zooming, don’t use it for anything else :-)

Quick demo:

The StratoSnapper supports all Sony cams using remotes: RMT-811, RMT-831, RMT-835. If you would like other functions from the remotes to be included in the StratoSnapper, drop us a line and we’ll add it!




4 thoughts on “Smooth zoom on the new Sony’s

  1. Do u have a video tutorial on how to use this device to Zoom the Sony camera?

  2. Hi,
    Not at the moment. The wind is not good in Denmark at the moment.

    UPDATE: Video added, see front page.

    But basically you put the zoom on a 3-way switch. For example when the switch is above 180 it zooms out, and when it’s below 100 it zooms in. Zooming is smooth and continuous until you return the switch to neutral.

    There is a tutorial on the StratoSnapper utility in the tutorials section.

    Zoom speed is the same as the remote that comes with the cam (RMT-835)

    I will make some videos when weather permits.


  3. We test the StratoSnapper… and ? its the best TOOL ever… Great Stuff…
    Regards from Germany

  4. Hi,
    I bought your StratoSnapper some weeks ago.
    I would need to know if the StratoSnapper can be used als for the new Pentax Opti WG-2 Camera as shutter.
    Hope I will get a positive answer.
    Looking forward.
    Best Regards
    Wilhelm Achenbach