Hammerhus castle ruin in 3D

On the northern tip of Bornholm; Hammershus – the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe is located.

It’s always a treat to go there. The sight is great and we couldn’t wish for a better place to fly our fixed wing drones.

So, we decided to map Hammershus in 3D using our FW1 drone.

Check this out

    Real live drone action!

    _88A1645_hiresTomorrow June 28th, Little Smart Things will attend the ISARRA 2014 venue. ISARRA is a society for scientists / researchers around the world using UAS’s.

    We’ll perform a demonstration flight at HCA Airport in Odense, Denmark. Don’t miss this opportunity to see our FW1 drone in action.

    Our FW1 flies up to 2.5 hour on one battery, and it is able to map 2 km3 in 3D with up to 5 cm accuracy!

    We will demonstrate the key features: takeoff by hand, the vertical landing and the fully autonomous flying capability.

    Come visit us at our stand and meet our chief developer, our senior designer, pilots and technicians. They will be happy to answer all questions.

    Hope to see you there :)