It’s not all about electronics

We actually fly a lot. And we think it’s important to have experience with the drones we are developing electronics for. Once in a while we put up a little video with a few shots we have done for the television networks or commercials, just to show off :-) Usually it’s just friends and family watching, but that changed to day.  We got over 100k 220k hits waoa!!

Heli showreel late summer 2012 from Esben Nielsen on Vimeo.

We have had quite a few inquiries about sales of these heli’s, but at the moment we don’t offer complete solutions. LittleSmartThings is very much a garage start-up that is, for the time being, currently developing camera remote solutions. Please visit one of our great distributors if you want to look into a complete heli system.



7 thoughts on “It’s not all about electronics

  1. fantastic and nice…

    I want to hear what the glasses you use is?? .. Is that a camera remote? If so, I would love to hear how you got them, I’d love to have something like that??

    // Claus