Advances sensing in a small package

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Flight time Flight time
Excellent stabilization Excellent stabilization
Redundant motor setup Redundant motor setup
NimboOne is a very versatile easy-to-use multi-rotor drone. The unique design, quality and flight time is top of its class. The aircraft fulfills all safety requirements, including redundant motor set-up, for usage with urban areas.
Wind resistance: Up to 8 m/s
Air speed: Up to 15 m/s
Link: Telemetry, video or custom sensor streaming
Range: Line of sight
Accuracy*, Ground sampling distance: 3 mm
Payload: Up to 400g
Standard camera: GoPro HERO4 Black
Optional cameras: Yes
Optional safety bumper system: Yes
Dimensions (width/length/height): 53.7 cm / 42.5 cm / 14.7 cm
(with bumpers): 69.3 cm / 70.4 cm / 14.7 cm
Flight controller: PixHawk
Max. takeoff weight: 2 kg
* Calculation based on the following test conditions: Flight altitude 100 m, no wind, moderate temperature and good light conditions.

NimboOne is offered in three different packages:

The photography package

Complete Nimbo One incl. remote control and Fat Shark goggles

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The 3D modeling package

Complete Nimbo One incl. ground station with Mission Planner software

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The inspection package

Complete Nimbo One incl. remote control and Black Pearl monitor

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The helicopter is all carbon-fiber and built to withstand professional work. The NimboOne can handle winds up to 8 m/s and have a weight of 1.4 - 2.0 kg

The NimboOne is a multi rotor helicopter designed for professional applications. The process can be completely autonomous - or when the situation demands it, you can have full control.


The NimboOne has extensive failsafe procedures, and redundancy. A lost radio connection or a broken propeller will result in nothing else than the helicopter returning to land.


The NimboOne has a flexible payload system, which can handle up to 400g payload. The sensor is fully stabilized and can look anywhere from straight down to straight up - a true 360 degree platform.

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