Robust sensing from takeoff to landing

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Flight time Flight time
Hand launced Hand launched
Vertical landing Vertical landing
CumulusOne is an extremely easy-to-use and highly autonomous fixed wing drone built in first class materials for demanding missions around the world.
Wind resistance: Up to 10 m/sec
Cruise speed: 40-50 km/h
Telemetry link: Up to 10 km (can be extended)
Range: Up to 50 km
Accuracy*, Ground sampling distance: 2.5 cm
Payload: Up to 600g
Standard camera: Sony RX-100 III
Optional cameras: Yes
Detachable wings & tail (easy transport): Yes
Wing span: 165 cm
Wing area: 28 m2
Flight controller: PixHawk
Max. take-off weight: 2.2 kg
* Calculation based on the following test conditions: Flight altitude 100 m, no wind, moderate temperature and good light conditions.
3D model of Hammershus Bornholm, Denmark created with CumulusOne
CumulusOne is delivered in a "PELI case 1740" Included in the box Fuselage including flight electronics etc. Wing set (starboard and port side) Tail set (horizontal and vertical tail plane) Batteries and charger Camera/sensor Ground Station Spare parts and tools
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The Wings of the CumulusOne has a streamlined white and blue color

The aircraft is made from the best materials we could find. Carbon fiber and Kevlar form the basic structure, which makes a very robust aircraft that can handle landings in rough terrain and winds up to 10 m/s, while keeping the weight below 2 kg.

The CumulusOne is a completely autonomous system. Once the mission planning is completed the aircraft is hand launched and will carry out the mission and return to land vertically with high precision and no need for a runway.


The CumulusOne is a field tested system with hundreds of hours of flight time and proven track record in missions ranging from Greenland to Gambia.


The CumulusOne has a large payload area, which can handle up to 600g. payload. There are many possibilities for customization and future sensor upgrades.

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