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  1. Hi There

    Just got my StratoSnapper. Having problems setting it up:

    Firmware 1.1
    Software 0.26B
    Camera Sony HDR-PJ710
    Reveiver Spektrum AR6115e

    Seroport 1 for zoom control through aux1
    Servoport 2 for Video & Photo on/off through Gear

    Both Servoports 1 & 2 work fine individually. But if I plug both in servoport 1 will not work at all. Servoport 2 still works but with 0.5 second delay. StratoSanpper disconnet from USB port after about one minute.

    Any suggestion?


  2. Two snapper and both are working bad. where is my problem? 6 hours of trying, reading, watching video, programming but nothing works. sometimes it works automaticly and the nexn shots every 2 seconds a pic, all levels are at =0!!!!

  3. let’s try and fix it!

    First is it a StratoSnapper or TinySnapper?

    About the IR diode: The IR diode should be able to see the receiver on the cam. The little black dot. And the IR diode should point in the general direction of that dot.

    Hope this helps

  4. Mr. Nielsen,

    first it is stratosnapper, second, if the IR head shows directly to the cam it goes in continuous fire situation. only if I turn the ir-head to the side it stops. I changed every (!) attitude at the software.

  5. Hi Esben. I am very Happy
    Ok thank you I have just received my stratosnapper. It’s ok except that I the totality of my order . I received

    Thank You Im so sorry
    Best regards .
    Pascal Coupé.

  6. Hello I purchased Stratosnapper II with the cable to control my Panasonic GH2. I installed the software and programmed the servo… nothing happens on my GH2.
    Do you know if there are specific settings for cable control on GH2?

  7. Got the Tiny Snapper Today. Tested it with Canon EOS M and works very well. Thanks!


  8. I need your strato snapper for my Panasonic GH-4
    I tried some Settings with LAN-C and Sony Cams
    But I am not able to trigger the GH-4
    Which Cam and setting should I use? In the tool is no Panasonic to check

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