Software for the StratoSnapper 2: 
Look further below for StratoSnapper version 1

Please download the following Java app. for the StratoSnapper 2:
Go here for a tutorial on using it.

Version 1.3 (with small fix for canon)

WIN32: SS2Config_1.3_win_x86
WIN64: SS2Config_1.3_win_x64
OSX: SS2Config_1.3_OSX
Firmware: StratoSnapper2 201306281539 1 2

Version 1.3:

WIN32: SS2Config_1.3_win_x86
WIN64: SS2Config_1.3_win_x64
OSX: SS2Config_1.3_OSX

Changes: Minor bug-fixes related to application startup

Version 1.2:

MAC OSX: SS2Config_1.2_OSX

Changes: IR learning support, timelapse support, bug fixes.

Version 1.0:
Mac OSX : SS2Config_1.0_OSX
WIN32 : SS2Config_1.0_win_x86
WIN64 : SS2Config_1.0_win_x64

Information for StratoSnapper version 1:

Important: StratoSnappers(version 1) shipped before 11-10-2012 have firmware 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2. Possibly later dates if bought from distributors. But, fear not follow the guide below to update to 1.3.

StratoSnapper (vesion 1) software utility:
The configuration software for the StratoSnapper need an FTDI Driver. If you have a MikroKopter, and uses the koptertool, you already have it.
If not: Please install the FTDI virtual com-port drivers to enable the StratoSnapper configuration utility to recognize the hardware. This might be done automatically by your OS, or you can follow this guide:

Current version 0.27b BETA: (06-07-2012) NEEDS FIRMWARE 1.2

Windows. XP or later:
Alternate download link (github)

Unzip. Then locate and run the stratosnapper.exe in the stratosnapper folder

OS X 10.7.x – (13 MB)
Alternate download link (github)

Unzip and run the

Firmware for the StratoSnapper
All systems: Firmware 1.3. Go HERE for intructions

Change log:

0.28 Beta (Current):

  • Interval limit of 10 sec removed
  • Canon Legria and Vixia video cams added
  • Fixed issue with uploading til StratoSnapper
  • Pentax Optia video record added



30 thoughts on “Software

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  2. Pingback: The StratoSnapper now supports Sony video cams | LittleSmartThings

  3. I can not unzip the archiv StratoSnapper26b.
    Failure: unexpected end of archive.
    What can I do?

  4. I am having the same problem unzipping the Mac version 26b. The Windows version unzips fine. I can download the file but it is apparently corrupted.

  5. Bug located and fixed! The problem was in the windows version of the software. Please download v27b and reupload the configuration to the StratoSnapper.

    Sorry for the wait. Please confirm that it solved your problem.


  6. Hi Esben, I got a shoot coming up in the next few days so I ll stick with fw 1.1 for now, as it has been tested to work on my 2 Nex5s and canon 5D and Nikon D80. I will upload the 1.2 FW and report after. Thank you for the bug fix. Great aftersale service for a great product.

  7. Hi, I still can’t download 27b for mac… where can i find the previous version for mac?


  8. So, I give up :)
    With first firmware, everything worked more or less, i need only to klick twice switch on the transmiter …
    With following firmware, the video shutter On / Off, turns the camera recording on-off continuously after each 0-7s. (what ever of the number, of repeat section to write).
    With latest firmware, shutter and video on/off works as god wants, with random intervals.
    I think and belive, that this is “pilot error”, but I really do not know what to do now …
    Sony NEX5n, mikrokopter, Futaba 9c

  9. Hi Esben, The new firmware for Strato Snapper is fantastic it works very well (all the functions) with my Turnigy Er9X and Fr Sky RX/TX module.
    Oh just a little question : Do you think it’ll be possible to have a smoother zoom when the first pulse is sent from the remote ?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best Regard

  10. Hi,
    I have a StratoSnapper.
    I’m interested if you will support zoom for the Pentax Optio S1.
    This is a very lightweight camera, and seems ideal for multirotors. For example, Microdrones are now using this camera.
    The IR remote (part number 39892) for this camera supports zoom, so it should be possible.

  11. Bonjour
    Après avoir fais tout les mise à jour et que la version 1.2 et ok les mise au points des servo par les commande un et deux du logiciel ne sont pas active que faire

  12. Hi, is zoom for Sony video cams no longer supported ? I have tried both FW 1.3 and 1.2 with 0.28b and 0.27b and I can’t chose anything else than video on/off or shutter ?


  13. Unable to connect to stratoSnapper
    Ensure that you selected the right port.
    If this error persists try turning you RC receiver off.
    then try connecting to the Stratosnapper again,
    and finally turn you RC receiver back on.

  14. I have a Olympus O-md, and I just got a StratoSnapper 1 do you have a way for me to start-stop video on the E series?

  15. i had the stratosnapper 1 and with the last software StratoSnapper28b i can’t configurate for my CANON EOS 6D, how can i do, is it compatible with ?? thanks for help ;)

  16. Cannot download the softwares v1.3 win32 or win64. downloading is very slow and seems not really finished. File is corrupted, unable to unzip. What can I do?

  17. Emailed littlesmartthings a week ago and no answer, I have the same problem with my Nex-5T, but I don’t know how to downgrade to firmware 1.1, Esben could you make sure the problem with Nex has been solved?

  18. I have just updated to firmware 1.3
    After the update i can’t connect to the stratosnapper. I have tried a million times, followed all your advise in the FAQ but it won’t connect :-(

    I use os x 10.9.2

    Hope to solve the problem :-)

  19. Hello,

    I’m happy to report that the Stratosnapper 2 is working fine with my new Sony 4K camera, the Ax100, that we are flying on the new dji S1000 octocopters. I’m using 3 channels to start/stop video, shoot stills, and zoom. Unfortunately, the zoom speed is linear, not progressive as it is possible via a gentleled lanc cable.
    Maybe I missed something?

    On another hand, I’m wondering if the stratosnapper2 could:
    – trigger the blackmagic production camera 4k, as it has a 2,5mm jack plug (lanc). I’ve tried it since I bought that cable but it is not working. Maybe there’s a set-up or profile for those Blackmagic cameras?

    – GH4: do you know if it will work on the new Panasonic camera?

    Thanks for your great products!

    Sami Sarkis, Drone-Pictures in Marseille, France

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