Is my camera supported?
Many cameras are – please check out the supported camera pages for the StratoSnapper and TinySnapper. New cameras will be added to the software frequently.

My camera does not trigger?
Check if the camera is in remote mode. Most cameras need to be setup to work with an IR remote. Also, disable any auto-power-down. If the camera powers down efter a number of minutes without any action, the camera will not act on the remote signal.

Which actions are supported on the StratoSnapper, shutter, video zoom?
Please check out the supported camera pages for the StratoSnapper. Most cameras will support video recording if put into video-mode before sending a shutter pulse. There are exceptions. Basicly if you camera supports it, we probably will as well. If you know that your camera supports an action via remote, and the StratoSnapper does not please drop us a line, and we’ll fix it!

The servo-indicators in the setup utility are erratic, or switches on and off
This is an issue related to servo update frequency, and if you use mikrokopter electronics try to adjust it in koptertool. We are working on making a general fix for this. Will be in software version 0.27.

What voltage is safe to use with the StratoSnapper/TinySnapper?
Stay below 6v and you are safe. The absolute max is 6.5v, but that’s pushing it. Generally you could go down to about 3.5v, but below that it may become unstable. It is highly recommended to use a regulated power source. For example a UBEC, RECOM, TRACO Etc.. Most multirotor heli’s already have that on board. Do NOT connect your flight LiPO directly to StratoSnapper or TinySnapper. It will die!.

Does the StratoSnapper support LANC?
No, not currently. The wire trigger is limited to a standard on/off switch.

How much power does the Snappers consume?
Very little. When powered on it consumes less that 15mA. But, when the IR LED is transmitting a pulse it could consume up to 80mA, but the duration of the trigger pulses are very short. Often below 1 millisecond.

Can I extend the servocable or IR trigger cable?
Yes, no problem there. Be sure to keep the correct polarity though.

What plug type is used on the StratoSnapper?
The connectors used for IR trigger cable and wire trigger is JST PH. The plugs for servo-cable is standard 2.54 mm headers. The USB is a standard USB Mini.



23 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. This looks like just the thing for me! However, I have looked at the list of supported video cameras and they all appear to be american models, not european. I also downloaded the Stratosnapper utility and although you have an extensive list of supported video cameras, there is no choice for Sony, it just says all video cams! Does this mean that it will work with ALL Sony video camcorders, regardless of model and where they are bought?
    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your reply,
    kind regards
    Andy Walters

  2. The camcorders listed in the supported cameras page are supported by “Sony – all video cams”

    The are all compatible with the RMT-811 and RMT-835 remotes, which the StratoSnapper supports.

    If you camera can be triggered with any of these remotes, so can the StratoSnapper.

    If you have want to check for a specific camera, please drop us a line, and we’ll check.


  3. Esben, thanks for your promt reply. Could you please check this camcorder for me please Sony HDR-CX250E.
    I have checked the Sony website, but it says nothing about remote controller, other than ‘Integrated into A/V Remote terminal ‘ the same as other models.

  4. Esben,
    After some investigation, I have found that the Sony HDR-CX520V camcorder appears to have the RMT -835 with it.
    Can you confirm that this camcorder will work with the stratosnapper please.

    thank you


  5. If it supports the RMT-835, the StratoSnapper will as well. And yes from what I can read from the Sony site, it does.
    As of right now I have implemented zoom, and video start/stop. I will include the “take picture” button soon as well.


  6. will the take picture button be an upgrade or something which can be added onto existing stratosnappers?

  7. Is there a 3 second timer in TinySnapper? My NEX 5 takes a photo every 3 seconds or so when the RC switch is left on… Is the timer adjustable by you or by me?

  8. I have a problem.

    With the StratoSnapper setup I can only get one channel active with two channels connected, when I pull out one channel the other one get active and vice versa, this means that I can save (upload) only one channel at the time to get two channels programed but max one channel will be active???
    Tried on a Imac and Parallels (windows 7) and laptop with windows 7

    Setup is,

    Spektrum DX6i / AR6200
    Sony CX730E camcorder

  9. I love the stratosnapper but unfortunately my Canon G12 is not on the list of supported models. Any idea on when it’ll be included?

  10. Actually I should say the entire Pentax Optio series, not just the S1.
    There is an I.R. remote that you can buy that will do zoom, so these cameras should be able to be zoomed with the StratoSnapper.
    Can you add this please? :-)

  11. Goodmornig Sirs.
    I’ve Strato Snapper firmw. 1.3 with softw 0.28 connected via IR to Sony HXR-NX70E (start video and photo set to 835).
    They works fine in “stand alone” mode but when is connected to the RX Futaba E2008S (mode S-FHSS) and TX Futaba T8J, we have no response.
    The servo indicators in the setup utility are OFF with no response.
    How can I do ?
    Thx in advance

  12. Hi, is there any way to trigger the TinySnapper using a simple PPS signal? I am happy to make some DIY modifications if a reasonably straightforward solution exists.

    Many thanks, Yosef

  13. Hello

    how do i copy the IR-signal with the stratosnapper 2

    i have a sony camera but i cant zoom i vant to copy that IR signal with my controler for the camera

  14. Hello,

    is it possible, to control the timelapsefunction with a switch on sender (on / off) ? Then i add the accu, the timelapse begin…

    Thx for support.

  15. Hi,

    I managed to install the Strato Snapper 2 in combination with a Sony NEX 7. I use shutter on one Channel of the TX and the video function on a second Channel.
    Hence, I loose 2 Channels on my remote.
    Question is: Can I use a 3-way switch on one channel to control shutter AND video via one Channel?

    Thanks for support!

  16. Hello.
    I have a problem settuping my strato snapper 2. with my nex 5. i want to use my 3 WAY switch…HIGH-photo MIDDLE-video off ….LOW-video. and i have no idea how to set it. because when i just put a video ON/OFF on my LOW position it just makes 0sec video, because softare have repeting options only in range of continuesly-10sec

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