Thank you Aalborg :)


Little Smart Things would like to thank for all the interest and positive feedback, we experienced during the conference Kortdage, that took place in Aalborg last week.

We were very impressed by the high professional level of all the participants that visited our stand.

At our production facilities at the Bright Green Island (Bornholm) production of our aircrafts Cumulus One and Nimbo One are going as planned. We are ready to take your order.

Please send a mail at if you are interested in further details on our aircrafts or would like a demonstration.

LittleSmartThings is hiring

2012 has been a wonderful year! It started with a simple idea: To make it easier to control aerial photography from your favorite flyer. Things went great and I learned a lot in process. There has been ups and downs along the way, but the development was a thrill!

The trust and support from customers, partners, investors and distributors has now made it possible to take the project out of the garage. This is an ambitious project with a full time staff, and we will soon be able to speed up the development of the countless prototypes on my bench.

This means that we need to be more people in 2013. We will be moving to a new location and have serious manufacturing capability. But the important thing is: personnel. Talented, good humored, ambitious persons. We are venturing into a very new field and innovative thinking is probably the most important feature of all. If this sparks an interest please swing by the jobs section, where you can read the openings in English as well as Danish.

As always, I am available for questions!




It’s not all about electronics

We actually fly a lot. And we think it’s important to have experience with the drones we are developing electronics for. Once in a while we put up a little video with a few shots we have done for the television networks or commercials, just to show off :-) Usually it’s just friends and family watching, but that changed to day.  We got over 100k 220k hits waoa!!

Heli showreel late summer 2012 from Esben Nielsen on Vimeo.

We have had quite a few inquiries about sales of these heli’s, but at the moment we don’t offer complete solutions. LittleSmartThings is very much a garage start-up that is, for the time being, currently developing camera remote solutions. Please visit one of our great distributors if you want to look into a complete heli system.