Summer time and Easter

In Denmark, we set the clock forward one hour on Sunday, March 29.
Yep, summer time officially starts!

Next week we celebrate Easter.
The sales office will be closed from April 2nd until April 7th.

Get outside, enjoy the weather and fly a drone :)

Warm holiday greetings


Best wishes and a happy new year :)

Michael, Lisbeth, Steffen, Kim, Jonas, Raffaello, Camilla, Mette, Carsten, Jens, Marco, Justina, Michael, Donatas and Esben

NB. The office will be closed from Dec. 23rd 2014 until Jan 5th 2015.

Cumulus One goes to sea


We have been given a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund to make our Cumulus One fixed wing drone able to land fully automated on a ship deck or other moving targets.

Already today Cumulus One flies fully automated including automated landings on ground with a precision of 10-20 meters. But the demand for use of drones at sea has made us realize, that we need to teach Cumulus One how to land on moving targets, e.g. ship decks, that moves forward and up and down because of waves.

Normally only helicopters can land on small areas on ship decks, but through Cumulus One’s already existing ability to decent vertically though beeing a fixed wing aircraft and through new development of more precise GPS sensors and an advanced mathematical model, we’ll now give you a fixed wing drone that lands automatically on even small ship decks.

The Danish Innovation Fund finds this project so innovative, that they have decided to grant us five out of the projects total 8.5 mio. DKK. Also the Space dept. at the Danish Technical University (DTU) and Aalborg University are participating in the project with development of precise GPS sensors and the mathematical models needed for the automated landings on ships.

The use of drones at sea is increasing, and through the ability to land very precise on even small decks the Cumulus One will be a favorite tool for e.g. Search And Rescue (SAR) at sea, Man Over Board-rescue, Ice Management, Piracy avoidance and environmental surveillance.

The project starts in March 2015 and finishes in 2017.

Read the full press release and back ground info here (in Danish).