Happy Easter

Easter at Bornholm is always the mark of the arrival of Spring.

At Little Smart Things we just got three new colleagues. All will soon be fully operational at our facilities here at Rocky Island.

Last week we where very fortunate, Esben our CEO was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 in Denmark. Thank you all :)

Due to Easter our Sales office will be closed 16th – 21st of April 2014.

Best Carsten

    We are finally ready! Take a sneak peek at our new UAV

    Today was a very good day at Little Smart Things. In the past year we have gone from 1 to 11 employees, we moved to new spaces and got into the hurricane of UAV development. Today our first full UAV system is done, and we tested the full system for the first time.

    FW1_01The plane is aimed at geo-mapping, environmental studies, agricultural surveys and other sensor applications. It flies well – very well, and everybody here is very proud. It’s aimed at 1.5 kg weight, but can easily manage 2.3 kg., and will fly at a leisurely pace at 50 km/h. We are especially happy with the flight time of over two hours!

    We engineered this from the ground up for sensors. Everything from aerodynamics, fiber-work and electronics has been developed, tested, adjusted, remade and finally approved. The result is stunning!

    This fantastic little bird can take the new Sony A7R into the air and do very detailed 3d mapping of an area of up to two square kilometer in one go. Another thing that make this a killer product is it’s landing! Check it out in the video. Enough of the talking, see it in action here:

    We will do extensive testing in the weeks to come, and slowly ramp up production. We are eager to see this fly in as many places as possible, and we will publish pricing and pre-order options soon.
    Feel free to ask us anything at esben@littlesmartthings.com, we’ll happily answer. As with our previous products we are very open-source and eager to have people join in on our development. Stay tuned for more soon!